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West Sussex County Council have just invited tenders for the proposed new CLAN. The specification is here.

House believes there will be one bidder which would all be rather farcical, in House’s humble opinion.

House thinks the following part of the specification is rather scarey indeed!

E.5 Working in partnership with us

The CLAs will be required to develop a partnership working approach with us, sharing ideas and suggestions for improving the CLAs and delivery of its services. To achieve this we expect to develop an open working relationship between all parties, where opinions can be voiced and ideas welcomed.

We also expect the Service Provider to be prepared to test new ways of working and to pilot different ideas to find solutions to problems and to improve client satisfaction and value for money.


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It seems the big cheeses in West Sussex have decided that the CLAN is to go ahead afterall with a planned start date of 1 April 2010, quite an amusing start date really.

Anyhow tendering due to begin in September and to be concluded by Christmas.

That’s the plan anyhow…

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West Sussex is having a bit of trouble with its CLAN. The draft spec was out in December 2008 with a few to having the final spec out in April and then have the CLAN up and running sometime around Sep / Oct 2009.

It is rumoured that the LA’s involved, of which there are many, aren’t to happy with the LSC and that this has meant that the final spec still isn’t out. A final make or break meeting is expected this Monday, 8th June,  but even then the start date for the CLAN isn’t expected till as late as April 2010.

House will attempt to do some digging as to what exactly the LSC and LA’s are fighting over!

It is expected that there will be one bidder for the CLAN.

House wonders if the LSC should rearrange the words ‘Dead flogging a horse’.

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Clan News

Seems the LA’s and BC’s and CC’s involved have all agreed, in principle, to the LSC’s proposal for a CLAN in West Sussex.

In no particular order let the consultation, political games, media storm,tendering, bidding wars commence.

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Seems A4e’s plan for world domination hit a small speed bump HERE. Thanks to Watching A4e’s website for the story.

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West Sussex Clan

Whilst not really that exciting THIS document is quite an interesting little insight into the goings on behind the scenes in regards to what could be the first or second CLAN to be introduced.  I believe councillors are currently pondering over whether or not to go ahead with the Vale of Glamorgan CLAN.

I can’t imagine councillors are falling over themselves in joy at possibility that all their local CABx will close as a result of losing out on a CLAN tender that they okied. Politically popular, er not really.

I wait with baited breath!

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So it appears that contrary to the LAG article HERE A4e haven’t pulled out of providing  Offenders’ Learning and Skills Services in Kent.

To Quote


Contrary to some media reports, A4e confirms that it has not withdrawn from its contract with the Learning and Skills Council to deliver Offender Learning and Skills Services (OLASS) in Kent. The company continues to run OLASS services across prisons in the county, delivering high quality skills and development training to offenders in a range of institutions. A4e never stopped providing these services during recent negotiations and is delighted that it has secured agreement with the LSC on the way forward. It now moves confidently and positively into the third year of this contract.

Being that A4e have recently secured the contract to run the CLAC in Hull one would love to know just what form these negotiations took. Was it a cap in hand begging exercise or was it more along the lines of ‘if you don’t pay up we’ll withdraw and then you’ll have the embarassment of having no provider at all’ (in a market where I imagine replacing the (ex) provider would take rather a long time).


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