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Legal type question!


Please forgive House for being daft but House has a question.

Let’s say a periodic assured shorthold tenant is served with a section 21 notice which is all fine and dandy. Let’s say the last day of the monthly period is the third of each month and the notice say expires on 3rd November and requires possession after that date. Rent is payable on 4th of each month for that month.

Now let’s say that the tenant doesn’t pay their rent on 4th november for november. The tenant moves out on 18th November without telling the Landlord. How much rent is the Landlord entitled to?

1. Are they entitled to rent up until the 18th

2. If the LL tries to recover the whole months rent can the Tenant say well the LL wanted possession after the 4th so that’s what I gave? Would the Tenant have to get the LL to agree to a surrender even though the LL have already indicated they required possession?

Apologies if a silly question!


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Yes House knows they are jolly busy but today one department out did themselves by phoning the father of a teenager and saying if you don’t take them back then they’ll be sleeping on the streets as they don’t have to help them!

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