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The excellent Mr Flack has set up a Social Welfare Law wiki. It’s early days but as such things only grow by users contributing House would recommend anyone with an interest in Social Welfare Law at least having a look and joining the wiki if interested in contributing. Sharing good practice, tips, training, links and law can only be a good thing House reckons. House has been working on a Handy Links page so please have a visit.

You can find the Wiki HERE


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House is having a problem with clients in that they just aren’t turning up for appointments! House’s organisation needs to see about 100 clients a month. We have appointment slots for 120 which we thought, along with emergency drop ins would be enough. Unfortunately our turn up rate (with about a weeks wait for appointments) is about 40 – 50 pct.

House wonders if other organisations have this sort of problem and what they do to solve it. Phoning clients or texting the day before the appointment seems one way of helping and House wonders if others have much success with this.

In House’s experience getting a steady flow of clients through the doors on a regular basis seems to be a difficult proposition. House would be interested to hear others thoughts on what they do to solve this problem. Is a combination of drop in’s and appointments best? Just appointments? Just drop in’s? Appreciated it often depends on the premises but general thoughts welcome.

If it helps House works in premises that delivers only Housing advice.

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