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New LSC rates and Keycard

Just incase you missed it there is a new Keycard which includes things such as the updated deductions for non-dependents.

The Keycard can be found HERE and is effective as of Monday 12th April 2010.

If you missed the update you might want to look at any cases taken on this week and ammend as appropriate!

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Stupid question probably


Being not overly clever House was wondering whether if Richardson v Midland Heart Limited High Court (Chancery) 12/11/2007 was rightly decided (I know it’s just a County Court decision) then if someone has purchased their 50 pct share outright with no mortgage can a Court make a charging order against the property following an application by a creditor of the ‘tenant’?

Actually does the fact they paid outright with a mortgage make a difference?

House apologises for even thinking about this but it popped up today and if the creditor applies for an order for sale then there might be a defence, but then again if they get the Order for Sale they wouldn’t get anything back would they, possibly, as there isn’t any ‘equity’ in the property. Hrm could you even apply for an Order for Sale? Oh dear.

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