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Public Law refresher!

Salford City Council v Mullen [2010] EWCA Civ 336 is a rather handy review of many public law issues pending the outcome of Pinnock which is due to be heard by the Supreme Court in July.

Thanks to a colleague for this pointing this out to House which makes a change from House just looking at the feed on Nearly Legal :).  Nearly Legal will undoubtedly have a jolly good post about it after digesting its contents. If you haven’t read the Nearly Legal blog then do so NOW. If you want.


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Ho hum

‘As a result of the tender quality will suffer’

‘We are having to increase targets and reduce administration to remain financially viable’

‘You can no longer go that extra mile for clients’

As House’s organisation, which is already having to heavily subsidise its bids for the new LSC social welfare bid round, desperately crunch numbers so come the depressing managerial statements as above.

It seems these days that client’s are fortunate to find providers who assist clients as well as advise them. House tries to proactively solve client’s problems but with ever increasing targets House see’s more advisers (NOTE: not those which House line manages for fear of certain doom!)  merely telling the client to do something which they should be doing and then closing the case when it doesn’t happen.

It’s a shame and with the ever increasing squeeze on funding House can only see this sort of shoddy help increase.

Just a little random tired moan.

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A Handy Homeless Case

Fresh from the Court of Appeal is

Bury Metropolitan Council v Gibbons [2010] EWCA Civ 327

As Nearly Legal will cover it in their usual excellent fashion House won’t bother but suffice to say some it contains some useful information regarding review procedures and decisions of Intentionally Homeless.

Bury’s decision appears typically slapdash and as per many decisions that House sees these days doesn’t actually address the legal test laid out in section 191 but rather looks at what the person might have done differently.

Link added in the Case Links page at the top.

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This weeks Garden Court Housing Bulletin contains lots and lots, lots more than the usual lots!, of information Housing bods should probably know about including the demise of the RSL and the rise of the “private registered provider of social housing” (PRPSH) as of 1st April 2010. No it’s not a joke, really.

The private bit is of course a typo and the Government actually meant to say public instead of private.

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Quick Question

Apologies for being vacant but it’s Tender time and House if far too busy trying to keep House’s job!

One question that is not related to House’s Tender but House has heard of a consortium who have 6 Housing advisers with a set amount of matter starts and who are thinking of employing a solicitor who weirdly won’t be based with any of the Housing advisers. However they haven’t factored in any Legal Help matter starts for the solicitor as they think the solicitor just does certificated work.

Is this craziness?  In House’s experience solicitors do a mix of Legal Help and Certificated work. Whilst Certificated work is obviously good Legal Helps are also required. Is House right or talking rubbish, as usual?

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