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House has added two more links, one to the disrepair preaction protocol and another for the excellent Housing Law updates found in LAG.

House doesn’t know if anyone uses the links on the right but there are quite a few and hopefully they are of some use. Any feedback on if they are useful or not would be appreciated.


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Sunday night ponder

House has a question.

If you agree to become a tenant on a fixed date and then before that fixed date say you aren’t going to move in (as say you’ve found somewhere else) is the Landlord entitled to the loss of rent you would have paid until he finds another tenant?

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A kindly adviser at Shelter reminded House that the rather thrilling above statutory instument came into effect on 5th January 2009. This Income based JSA claimants can claim support for housing costs for a maximum of two years with short breaks of non claiming not restarting the two years. It doesn’t apply to those in receipt of IB JSA claimants who were entitled to IS or ESA within the 13 week waiting period. The interest rate will remain at 6.08pct for 6 months.

Whilst House was googling the subject there was a link to THIS page which shows how everyone generally get’s confused by this sort of legislation as they aren’t robots.

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Factory line advice

Over the last 18 months House has been given ever increasing New Matter Start targets for House’s team to meet.

Today House was doing some file reviews. House noticed that a new adviser wasn’t really tailoring advice that much to the client and could have done some more follow up work, the extra mile that House has been used to doing.

House didn’t really know what to do when faced with this file. House’s targets for the team are due to go up 40 pct in the next few months as the chronic lack of planning by the big bosses means doing the same with less staff. This meant that House thought hrm well at least the client has got passable advice, not bad, just a neat parcel, maybe a bit like a ready meal, fills you up but nothing more. House realised that ironically getting the adviser to do more for the client would sadly be counter-productive when it came to meeting targets.

All rather sad.

Does any other supervisor have any similar experiences?

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House hopes everyone had a merry Christmas.

Just a quick reminder that if it’s predicated to be below zero for three nights running then in order to avoid the potentially politically damaging problem of people having to step over dead bodies on the way the work the Severe Weather Emergency Provisions mean that the Local Authority should give rough sleepers a place to, er, sleep.

More guidance can be found HERE, including a letter from the CLG to LA’s.

Bogged if House could find it on the CLG‘s site.

Best not advertise such things helpful death preventing things House guesses.

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