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Happy Christmas

House wishes everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year.

The LSC wishes the same and says so HERE


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Managing your NFP contract

Just a quick signpost to THIS useful guidance (well it looks useful to H0use although not having anything to do with accounts House could have been fooled!) on the LSC’s plans to more proactively manage your account come 2010. Illegal is well worth following.

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Below excerpt from one Local Authority’s Housing Allocations Policy. On reading it does anyone else apart from House think that it’s not exactly compliant with section 167 (2C) of the Housing Act 1996, p.16 of The Code of Guidance HERE or THIS Court of Appeal Case.

Rent arrears

If you have rent arrears (missed rent payments) of less than £500, we will accept you onto the combined register as long as you meet other conditions.

However, in exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible to join the register if your arrears are over £500 (if the senior Housing Needs officer agrees) or above £1000 (if the Housing Needs manager agrees) in the following circumstances.

• There must be urgent reasons for rehousing which mean you are eligible to be placed in banding A

• Where it is practical and reasonable, you must normally have entered into, and kept to for six months, an agreement to pay off the arrears.

When making decisions on whether to put someone with rent arrears onto the register, we will take account of things such as the exact level of arrears and the reason they missed the rent payments.

If you fail to keep to the agreement to pay off the arrears, you will no longer be eligible to stay on the register, unless we believe there are good reasons.

We would normally expect you to pay off any arrears before we could offer you accommodation. However, if you are staying in expensive temporary accommodation and you have kept to an agreement to pay off your arrears, the Tenancy Services manager, the Homeless and Housing Advice manager and the Housing Needs manager can make a decision on your case.

Or maybe House is wrong and it’s all fine and dandy…


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So House’s boss comes up to House and says ‘As the Welfare Benefits adviser may be on extended sick leave I’ve decided that Bob* can do them.’

‘No actually they can’t Bob isn’t trained to do them’ says House.

‘Well Bob went on a course a few months ago’ says the manager.

‘That was a one day course! They aren’t going to do any welfare benefits matters’ says House

‘Right ok’ says the manager going off in a huff.

House doesn’t want unqualified, unsupervised advisers assisting people, but then having an adviser go off sick can be crippling for a service so taking shortcuts may be the only way the service can survive.

House reckons House was right to say ‘NO’ but what would you have said?

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Occupation Orders, arggg

Arggg House hates occupation orders. Housing solicitors can’t do them (or at least that’s what they tell House) and Family Solicitor don’t seem to want to do them either as they think it’s a Housing issue.


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