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House has spotted THIS quite amusing, for House’s juvenile since of humor story.


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Light Bulbs

The LSC are considering further changes to CLS provider light bulbs. More info can be found HERE.

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House’s organisation has just made redundant the single full time administrator that works in House’s team of 5. House and his team now only half a part time administrator who works half the week.

House has heard of other advice providers who as a result of restructuring have cut back their administrative support to the bare bones or indeed nothing as they desperately try to make the provision of CLS advice viable.

House wonders if other providers have suffered from losing their administrative support and now have to do it themselves with the resulting fact, in House’s view, that casework suffers.

House also wonders at what there is left to cut and whether providers such as House’s organisation are just delaying the inevitable day when it is no longer viable for them to run such CLS contracts without subsidising them with other funds, which House believes to be unlawful (apologies if it’s not).

Maybe the LSC don’t care if organisations who may view such contracts as some sort of loss leader subsidise the running of the contract with other funding. House thinks that some organisations can’t afford to pull out of providing CLS work as by doing so they might not be in good position to bid for other profitable work.

Pulling out of such work may mean that organisations loss their influence and presence, for want of  better words, in their respective fields and the money that comes with such things.

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New Forms 1st June 2009

Don’t forget your new CLS forms as from 1st June 2009.

Have a look HERE.

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I’ve finally stop slacking and updated the link for Ilegal.  Go visit so that I’m not alone in asking lots of questions about financial eligibility!

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LAG Blog

Just a quick shout out for LAG’s blog HERE. Even if you don’t read your monthly Legal Action it’s worth a read. Hopefully some comments might get them to post some more 🙂

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Taken from the Gordon Brown book of ‘How to make friends and influence people’ comes thistale of how tenants who sadly lack Mystic Megs clairvoyant powers are being reminded by Charnwood Borough Council that they need to give notice of their impending doom or their families may be required to pay their rent.

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