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LSC case anyone?


House has a case involving an application for planning permission. It has gone to appeal at the Planning Inspectorate.  House has no idea about these things and House’s organisation are a bit stuck to. If anyone could be of assistance could they contact me privately at house184@hotmail.co.uk. House knows he hasn’t gone into much detail but House obviously can’t here.


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House would be most interested to hear from anyone who works in any housing advice organisation where they successfully work collaboratively with their Local Authority whilst also maintaining their independence.

Whilst House is, in principle, rather opposed to the idea that you can do the two things at once House is quite open to the suggestions and tips on how it could work!

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Sunday rant.

House was wondering whether there are any areas of Law other than Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 that are so deliberately disregarded and abused by a Local Authority. 

The Local Authority that House deals with is slightly different from House’s old LA. House’s new LA is ‘slightly’ better at taking Homeless applications but then just writes the most mind bendingly odd decision letters that have nothing to do with the relevant legislation that House has ever seen. 

These aren’t reasoned decisions where the LA has found someone IH or not to be have a priority need for accommodation. These are are decision letters where no thought has been given to the relevant legislation. IH decisions are made without any thought or mention of whether the act / omission was performed in good faith whilst being unaware of any relevant fact. If the applicant is found IH then the LA’s template 184 decision states the LA have NO duty to the applicant at all.

House has seen a number of decisions lately which have been made after 9 odd months. Complicated decisions? Nope. The LA had only interviewed the applicants once and made no further enquiries just for some reason it had taken 9 months to made the decisions.

House doubts the LA even looks at the relevant legislation or Code of Guidance. So what if awful decisions are made, decisions that obviously never accept a full 193, maybe only 5 pct of applicants will go seek advice and assistance in regards to a 202 review. Why bother making enquiries when the applicant or housing professional involved in the review will do it for you!

One of the LA staff who deals with Housing Register applications stated they have a blanket policy of banning anyone with any form of arrears including mortgage arrears from the Register. They stated that the applicant always has a right to review and it’s then that they will consider the application properly.

Still House has only been dealing with this LA for a while and is happy to hear that they are already beginning to moan amongst themselves about the increase in challenges and the fact that House and his team aren’t being rolled over anymore. House is happy with this but his boss isn’t as being rolled over is apparently the same as collaborative working.

Nothing new in this little rant. But it still makes House’s blood boil, if it didn’t House should find a new job.

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A bit cheeky but can any wise sole remember the case (can’t remember how recent, but not that recent) in which a Local Authority tried to say an applicant wasn’t homeless as they had accommodation in some wierd country that was reasonable and available for their occupation. House thinks it was found that as they couldn’t afford to back it wasn’t available or something like that!

House is thinking there should be a forum where lost housing advisers who think they had read a case but only know bits about it  could go and request help with remembering what the case was called.

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House came across THIS interesting article on Public Law defences by Nic Madge on his website. Well worth a read for those that like House get rather confused at this subject!

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If you didn’t catch it this week House would highly recommend you give it a view. You can watch it HERE.

Whilst House generally quite likes the  programme this weeks edition focuses quite a lot on a Housing advice provider and many of the issues raised in the programme will undoubtedly be familiar to the few readers that stumble upon this blog!

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If you haven’t already spotted it THIS  BBC article is quite an interesting one.

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