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Happy Christmas

House is off for Christmas. Have a good one.

Oh and hope this amuses you as much as it did me.

Link fixed. Thanks Patrick.


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Please find a link to the rightsnet bulletin on Housing Costs which should help clarify the Housing Costs changes due to be implemented from 5th January 2009. Thanks Ben.

To summarise –

1. The qualifying period (QP) for housing costs will be reduced to a standard 13 weeks;
2. The upper limit for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) will be increased from £100,000 to £200,000; and
3. A two year (104 week) time limit will be introduced for SMI for those in receipt of income-based JSA.

Additionally the Bulletin also advises that the DWP have decided that if you have been on IS, Income based JSA and income related ESA for 13 weeks upto 5th January then you will be entitled to full housing costs.

For those claimants still in their QP on 5th January this QP is now considered 13 weeks to and so they must complete whatever time they have left to wait after 5th Jan to meet the total 13 weeks QP.

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Depressingly familiar

THIS article here (thanks Mark P and Nearly)  gives an insight into some of the joys of being a Local Authority Housing Option’s Officer. I’d call them a homelessness officer except that homeless people don’t exist as people who might formerly be known as homeless people are actually people who haven’t had their housing options properly explained to them, obviously.

It seems that the author, Ms Aers, isn’t really a fan of The Housing Act 1996 and has experienced some pretty depressing, yet all to familiar, gatekeeping by a Local Authority.

Many years ago House was a Homelessness Officer (years enough that Homelessness Officer was actually my job title!). House can most certainly sympathize with Ms Aers for he remembers the days when he would have to make 184 decisions on the advice of the manager who would then be the reviewing officer, huzzah! Nothing more depressing trying to tell a homeless client that you can’t help them when in fact the Law states you could and should.

Like Ms Aears House soon became cynical of the system and left ‘The Dark Side’

In theory, er I mean by Law, Homelessness Officers have an incredibly important job to do. Investigating whether someone has a priority need and / or  is intentionally homeless can be a time consuming and difficult process.

It is a shame therefore that their jobs seem to be more focused on statistics and options than The Housing Act 1996 and that those with a social conscious who enter the Housing world to help people often decide to go and do something else.

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House is currently broken with the flu…

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ilegal – For your LSC needs

ilegal =  Very handy site for all things LSC.

Enough said!

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Landlord or Landlady?

Whilst potentially not as important as the judgment below (or is it judgement? jolly confusing to me) I was wondering whether advisers who see tenants with a female landlord write landlady or landlord in their attendance notes. 

I think I prefer landlord although for some reason landlady has crept into my attendance notes as I always wondered if a female landlord would be offended if I called her a landlord and not a landlady.

Hrm perhaps it’s time to get back to landlord and stop the unnecessary worrying 🙂

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Tolerated trespassers

’89.  For these reasons, it appears to me that an assured tenancy subject to a suspended possession order does not come to an end until possession is delivered up. Logic dictates that this conclusion must also apply to an outright possession order, so on that point I would overrule the reasoning in Artesian at [2000] QB 541, 549A-B.’


Go over and read Nearly Legal’swrite up. Actually I’m at work and can’t access Nearly’s blog (no idea why not, maybe the dodgy name!) but I reckon he’s bound to have it up by now 🙂


This would seem a rather important judgement!


Hopefully Arden Chambers should have a link to their eflash 331 on the case up soon.


A little more news at Garden Chambershome to the Chuck Norris of the Housing World, er I mean Jan Luba QC who helped defeat the evil ex assured tenancy tolerated trespasser army and who obviously could have defeated the evil ex secure tenancy tolerated trespasser army but decided that the Housing and Regeneration Bill should at least get to do some of the work.  


Hrm must stop playing so many wargames and must learn there aren’t 5 s’s in trespassers!

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